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Integrated Data Solutions (IDS) is successfully operating within the Digital Marketing space since March 2020, having supported hundreds of businesses in growing their brands through clicks, leads, sales, and calls. Our main focus is accelerating organisations within the Home Service, Insurance, Financial and Legal space through external partners and internal media buying.



Lars Bril


Debt, Loans, PPC and O&O
“During my 8+ years of work in Affiliate Marketing I have been able to pinpoint the gaps in the industry and decided to start paving the way to closing them. Transparency, directness and alongside thinking are the pillars of my successful collaboration with our partners and what enables me to always act in their interest. Always with an eye open for opportunities and equipped with the ambition to tackle any challenge, I always go the extra mile to ensure mutual success. At IDS we are not focused on short-term goals but rather on bringing the ambitions and dreams of our partners to life.

Outside work, I am a laid-back person focused on makingthe best out of my days. This usually involves spending time with my family and friends, playing video games and doing movie marathons.”

Roy Geurts


Home Service & Legal
“The choice of joining the IDS family came effortlessly and destined knowing the years of international experience that came prior to it, as well as my 10+ years of experience in Sales and Direct Marketing. Since a young age I have been fascinated with the dynamic and complex interpersonal communication that takes place in sale generation. This fascination led to my current career path and stimulated me to grow in all relevant fields like communication, management, finance and profound understanding of interpersonal relationships. In my work in Affiliate Marketing I am able to utilise my specialization in an uncapped way and to deliver significant value for our partners and our team. The opportunity to deliver valuable input through meaningful work and having a direct impact on my environment and partners is my main drive in striving to extend the boundaries of our success.

Outside work I enjoy fitness, spending time with family and friends, traveling, meeting new people and, naturally, discussing new business opportunities.”

Lucian Coman


Insurance & Mortgage
“I fell in love with Affiliate Marketing in early 2018 and lead-generation in particular last year. There is a certain energy in this industry that makes it so enjoyable and unique, hence my passion for it. In my interaction with our partners and affiliates I break the stereotypical business relationship norms by having an easy-going, friendly and open attitude. In my personal experience, this sets the tone to a successful partnership that encourages both sides to strive for greatness. I first came across IDS during my previous job where I was handling them as advertisers. I have always admired their professionalism and open communication and now I can proudly say I am part of this great team.

I dedicate most of my free time to basketball, anything tech-related, watching comedies and Sci-Fi, and recently discovered my passion for astronomy.”

Leroy Blom

Pay-Per-Call Account Manager

Having worked in the Sales and Hospitality industries for 15 years I felt it was time for a change. I have done the EBS Bartending school in Las Vegas and with that diploma worked in several cocktail bars across the Netherlands. Besides working in bars I have had jobs in sales varying from selling household appliances to lead hunting door-to-door. After meeting the team at IDS and gotten a better understanding of the industry and way they operate I felt like this was a great opportunity for me to grow into a new and promising career path. In my free time I like to work-out (padel and gym), go on hikes and read books.

Sara Ganiere


SMS, Push & Email Marketing
“After 5+ years in Affiliate Marketing I am grateful to have found an amazing team that fits me and my ambitions perfectly - IDS. I was given the opportunity to grow and focus more on leadgen vertical, but most importantly, to be part of a team that is united, transparent, focused on growth and always up to tackling new challenges. All the aforementioned are mainstay values that I myself cherish and preach. I am a sociable and relaxed person therefore my position as Affiliate Manager allows me to put my innate skills in practice and fits me perfectly. Beyond this, I am also an analytical and result focus person and I am confident that hard work in this industry always results in profit - and profit has no limits. I am and will always be there for my clients.

On a personal note, coffee and humor are the two things that allow me to function at my best.”

Peter Smeets


Native & Display Ads
"After spending several years working in the Marketing and Sales sector for various companies in The Netherlands I realised I am missing an international, dynamic, and energizing environment. Fortunately this overlapped with an opportunity that arose in the form of vacancy at IDS. After the couples of years I have been on this team I can confidently say this was the perfect choice for me based on my skill-set and interests. In the workspace I am regarded as a flexible, spontaneous, and a team-player, all qualities that allow me to be a great Affiliate Manager. Generally speaking, I am always focused on taking on new opportunities and optimizing our workflow to reach mutual success.

I spend most of my free time together with my family and friends, outside of that, I like to watch Formula 1, travel and go mountainbiking."

Joey Welters


Social Media Marketing
“During my years of work in Project Management and Sales I have recognized my need to take on a new stimulating challenge. Luckily, this is when I came across IDS - a driven and dynamic group with values and ambitions perfectly in line with mine. As your Affiliate Manager you can expect me to be direct, solution-seeking, and devoted to cultivating a long lasting successful partnership. I am a transparent person and have an analytical mindset which allows me to aid my clients reach their ambitions. I value open communication and transparency and believe there is nothing that cannot be addressed with the right mindset and attitude.

When I am not working, I love cooking, especially trying out new dishes, and enjoying golf when the sun is shining.“

Camiel Habets


"During 10+ years in marketing, including 5+ years in digital performance marketing, I have generated hundreds of thousands of leads and sales for my companies in various verticals through programmatic advertising and SEO. I am a creative digital jack-of-all-trades with a passion for high-quality online lead generation and its underlying psychology. After connecting with IDS, I was blown away by the passion, skills and vision of the team. This led me to partner with IDS to lead and develop the internal media buying and creative departments to the highest level possible. The best part of this story: The people at IDS are not my colleagues, but they have become my dear friends. Together, we do what we love: Helping companies and consumers around the world achieve their goals.

When I'm not working, I like to educate myself to increase my skill sets. I also love working out, making music and spending time with my family and friends."

Rahman Schrijen


"Since a young age I have been intrigued by the intricate psychology behind marketing and sales. My fascination with this topic was the main drive behind my choice of study in this field and I can confidently say I have made the best possible decision. I have first crossed paths with IDS during my internship and was quickly drawn in by their energy and dedication. From the moment I have been introduced to the IDS team, my tasks, and media buying in general, I knew I belonged. Within IDS I not only found a driven and ambitious team, but also an opportunity to challenge myself and develop in this field, whilst enjoying every minute of work I put in.

Outside work I am an avid football fan, and lately developed an interest for basketball. I also enjoy a spa day every now and then."

George Ionut


“After having spent several years in Mobile Affiliate Marketing, working with millions of clicks and digging into a lot of data each day, I felt the need to expand my horizon and find a new vocation in the form of analysis and data optimization. When I came across the great opportunity to work in a top team like IDS I have not hesitated to plunge in. I found the challenge of working with new data a great chance to grow and I am grateful IDS has provided me with the right set of circumstances to be able to do this. I am focused on fine tuning and adjusting the data and providing my team with accurate input every time they need it.

In my free time I like to take hikes, read books and spend time with my family.”

Marlie van Kempen


"With 20+ years of experience in the finance department in an international production company, I decided to seek a new challenging and stimulating job opportunity. When I came across IDS I felt an instant connection with the team and, despite that the world of Affiliate Marketing was completely new to me, I felt confident this would be a great opportunity to challenge myself. Looking back, I am confident this was the best choice for me. I have been provided with the chance to learn and adapt and now I am able to provide valuable input and output to support the business from a financial perspective. In my work I aspire to provide not only accurate and analytical financial data, but to ensure our partners are always provided with clean and on-time overviews."

Daniel Merayo


“As an experienced IT professional with over 20+ years in the field I felt I was ready to tackle a new challenge and opportunity: IDS. With my mix of technical and managerial skills, and Affiliate Marketing experience, I knew I could aid this dynamic and fast-growing company to reach a new peak in it’s performance. I am a result-driven team leader with a proven track record in systems architecture, designing complex IT systems ab initio, handling high volumes of traffic and creating algorithms. I feel fortunate to work for a business that allows me to employ and utilise my skill set to ensure a trouble-free workflow from an IT perspective and ensure mutual success for us and our partners.

When I am not working I like to expand my knowledge by reading books and articles and go rock climbing.”

Virender Malik


"As the technical lead for IDS, I am responsible for guiding the technical direction and progress of our projects and teams. With a strong background in development, I am able to understand and communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical team members. My goal is to ensure that all of our projects are completed to the highest standard of quality and that our team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed. I also take pride in mentoring and providing guidance to our team members, helping them to reach their full potential. With my leadership, we are able to deliver innovative and effective solutions, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in our field. In addition to my technical expertise, I am also a strong leader and am able to effectively manage and motivate a team to achieve their goals. I am dedicated to fostering a positive and collaborative work environment and am always looking for ways to improve the team's processes and workflow.

Outside work I like to go sightseeing together with my wife and kids. In my free time I like to watch cricket and eat good food."

Martijn Konings


"During my work as a lawyer for 12 years I had the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people, including Lars and his team. After speaking with Lars for the first time some years ago, he offered me some interesting business-cases which I decided to help him with. After learning more about the dynamicness of the Digital Marketing space and all jurisdictional and legislation changes involved, this was an ideal playground for me to operate in. From consulting for a few hours in a month to working 20+ hours per week I was able to help IDS set its legal foundation and assist with several international questions. Personally I love history and culture, cooking and traveling together with my Labrador to my family in Bonaire."

Tanya Mohar

PPC Analyst & Optimizer

"With a background in data analysis and a knack for creating insightful, straightforward reports, I've discovered my true passion lies in the daily exploration and organization of extensive datasets. My journey has been immensely enriched by the supportive conditions IDS offers for executing this intricate work. As a dedicated PPC Analyst & Optimizer within the company, my primary focus is on orchestrating, evaluating, and tailoring data to empower my team with actionable insights.
Working alongside the exceptional and driven team at IDS has been a source of immense gratitude. Collaborating with like-minded individuals enhances the overall synergy, fostering an environment where we can collectively extract the maximum value from our analyses. I am excited about the continuous learning and growth opportunities that my role affords, allowing me to contribute effectively to the success of our team and organization.

Personally, I love listening to music, reading inspirational fiction, learning mathematics, and being in the sun. I play the Ukulele. Gluten free for life!"